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[personal profile] cheshire recently brought my attention to the concept of 'consensual gender'. i like this concept. Overwhelmingly, in Western societies, gender is forced upon us: not only in the sense that heteronormative paradigms expect us to accept it as a primary categorisation of the world and its attributes, but also in the sense that we are assigned a gender before we are able to actively consent to the label, assumptions and expectations that are attached to us thereby. Further, challenging the label - or indeed, the entire labelling process - is Not Allowed, because in heteronormative understandings, gender == sex == one's primary sexual characteristics (which come in only two forms). Claiming that one's gender is not in fact the one claimed to correspond to one's primary sexual characteristics clearly demonstrates that one has lost touch with True Reality and needs to be forced back there. "Gender Identity Disorder" is not a physiological disorder, where something is wrong with our bodies; it's a psychiatric disorder, where something is wrong with our minds. Attempts must be made to examine the minds of trans people in detail and discover whether our minds can be 'fixed' before consideration will be given to the possibility of changing our bodies. "Our bodies"? No, our bodies are not ours. They belong to cisgendered society, to cisgendered psychology: our bodies, their choice. It has to be that way, because people who have lost touch with reality as we trans people have are not capable of making the right choices, are not capable of giving consent.

This isn't right. This isn't ethical. Our bodies, our choice. Gender should be consensual.


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