i have several areas of interest about which i feel passionate. Two of those are, on the one hand, sexuality and relationships; and on the other, the politics of power and privilege.

Would that the twain would meet!

A while back Tiara pointed me to a thought-provoking piece entitled "Sex positivity is a sham". It's a critique of which voices and representations often get privileged in sex-positive communities, and it's something that made a lot of sense to me, despite the fact that i myself am someone who, amongst other things, benefits from white and middle-class privilege (the latter more in terms of social/cultural capital than in terms of income).

In my experience, sex-positive communities often have inclusive attitudes; diversity is not only tolerated, but welcomed. Yet i've also noticed an apparent reticence to discuss issues of sociopolitical power and privilege. (Although of course, there's no shortage of discussion about power in the context of kink dynamics.) So here are some questions:

What characteristics - such as ethnicity, class, looks etc. - do influential people in the sex-positive movement have and/or share?

Who benefits when the sex-positive movement doesn't discuss how the politics of sociocultural power and privilege might influence certain people's willingness or ability to participate? Who doesn't?

How can we make sure that the sex-positive movement is inclusive not only in a superficial sense, but in a deep sense? Are those of us with privilege in certain areas willing to recognise and acknowledge that, as part of a process to create more space within the movement for people from communities that have been, and often still are, marginalised?

What sort of sex-positive movement do we want?


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