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i'm a transgenderqueer1 kinky polyamorous pansexual polyglot polymath panentheist INFJ Judeo-Satanist witch. :-) My journal is a mixture of, amongst other things, commentary and ponderings on transgender issues, sexuality, spirituality, feminism, queer issues and society and politics; personal stuff; and sexually explicit content. You have been warned. :-)

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In terms of my interests, i cover "main and miscellaneous" in the Interests section below, and use this section to cover some of those interests in more detail:

* the body, gender and sexuality: activism, anal sex, arty porn, body acceptance, body modification, bondage, bisexuality, consensual gender, crossdressing, cuddling, cum fetish, dp, ethical sluts, exhibitionism, fat acceptance, feminism, fisting, flesh-positivity, fucking, gender issues, group masturbation, group sex, haes, health at every size, impact play, intimacy, kissing, lactation, love, loud sex, lust, masturbation, nakedness, nonmonogamy, nudity, open relationships, orgies, outdoor sex, phonesex, piercings, pleasure activism, polyamory, polysexuality, pornography, pro-choice, public sex, queer liberation, queer pride, recreational sex, reproductive rights, safe sex, sandwiching, self-pleasuring, sensuality, sex juices, sex with friends, sex work, sexual liberation, sexuality, slut pride, smut, snuggling, sodomy, spanking, spooning, swinging, transfeminism, transgender.

* spirituality: baphomet, bright goddess, cock worship, cunt worship, dark goddess, demonolatry, divine madness, dreams, etz chayyim, great adversary, jewish mysticism, jewish renewal, judaism, kabbalah, kali, lilith, lucid dreaming, magick, middle pillar, mushrooms, mysticism, paganism, panentheism, pantheism, qabalah, sacred sexuality, sacred sluthood, sacred whoredom, sefer ha-bahir, sefer ha-zohar, sefer yetzirah, sex magick, sexual rituals, shekhinah, skyclad, talmud, tanakh, tarot, theistic satanism, theurgy, tikkun olam, torah, tree of life, witchcraft.

* computing: ada, computer science, common lisp, concurrency, css, data structures, emacs, factor, free software, functional programming, haskell, lambda calculi, linux, lisp, networks, openbsd, perl, perl5, perl6, process calculi, programming, programming languages, relational databases, relational database management systems, scheme, system administration, unix, unix history, vim, web accessibility.

* ethics and philosophy: caring, compassion, empathy, ethical living, fairness, honesty, openmindedness, questioning, respect, sensitivity, truthfulness.

* society and politics: anarchism, behavioural economics, civil rights, community activism, conscientious objection, cooperatives, deviance, disability rights, diversity, economics, finance, free market anti-capitalism, free speech, india, intentional communities, israel, latin america, left libertarianism, microfinance, mutualism, noncomformity, nonviolence, nonviolent direct action, palestine, privacy, public transport, social justice, social movements, tikkun.

* mathematics: combinatorial game theory, constructivism, game theory, general topology, history of mathematics, mathematics education, measure theory, philosophy of mathematics, point-set topology, set theory, surreal numbers, topological spaces, topologies.

* linguistics: auslan, communication, etymology, german, hebrew, hindi, languages, metamessages, spanish, yiddish.

Finally, my 'anti-interests' (i.e. things i actively dislike) include:

* assimilationism, authoritarianism, 'beautiful' people, brat brigades, diversityphobia, dogmatism, extrovertism, fundamentalism, glamour activism, heteronormativity, machismo, misinformation, misrepresentation, obscurantism, opportunism, patriarchy, pigeonholing, populism, poseurs, pretentiousness, scenes, solidarity-less politics, trendism.

1. More specifically, i identify as both female and male.
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