2013-08-29 15:17
Now, she was unburdened.

Her socially acceptable fa├žade: gone, unneeded. Her true self on display: flesh available for use.

Nothing but flesh fulfilling its function. Flesh providing the ground for pleasure, by both presence and absence. "Therefore, that which exists is used to create benefit. That which is empty is used to create functionality."

A body consumed by ecstasy, all other thought burned away. Pain, pleasure, painful pleasure, pleasurable pain - now distinct, now intermingling, all serving to intensify the ecstasy, to take the body to that place where it needed to stop yet needed more yet needed rest yet needed all this to never end ....

She could hear those around her talking, yelling. "Use that fucking slut!" "Yeah, get your hand in that asshole." "Why is that mouth empty? Someone bring a hard cock here, force it down its throat." Her ass throbbed eagerly in response; her cunt let down more of its milk, soaking her inner thighs once again. Her breasts were still pulsing from where they had been bitten hard, again and again. She could feel her ass glowing red, from the spankings.

She didn't how long this had been going on. It might have only been an hour. It might have been several. Not that it mattered. What mattered was that she was fulfilling her function - to be fuckmeat for others' pleasure and satisfaction. That she derived such pleasure and satisfaction from doing so was ongoing proof that this is what she was ultimately meant to be doing.

She was free.

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