2008-02-02 18:03
Reading a plot synopsis for the film Juno, i was concerned that it might turn out to have an underlying anti-choice message (although the Australian trailer for it almost out-vagues the teasers for Cloverfield: it's not readily apparent, to me at least, that it's a movie about teen pregnancy). i haven't yet seen it myself, but i found a couple of interesting reviews on the Reproductive Rights Reality Check Web site from pro-choicers who have:
  • "Juno Misses Chance to Address Abortion Honestly"
    Indirect in its underlying condemnation of abortion on request, the film is a far more costly blow against abortion rights than anything the anti-abortion crowd could possibly hope for or ever produce - and they are big gainers (at no cost to them) from its sappy popularity.
  • "Suburban Legend"
    According to conservative blogger Jill Stanek, I'm supposed to hate this movie, and I certainly don't . . . "Juno" is a movie not for anti-choicers. It's a film for the people who love the many imperfect ways families take shape and people grow up.


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